Friday, 3 August 2012

Weekly Goal Failed, Presents for Compensation!!!


I bit off more than I could chew and didn't know how to tackle it.  I'm calling it a learning experience, focus on one unit instead of many.  I did finish the actual armour on both warrior units, but there's so much fiddly bitz they look very far from completion.

On a plus note both my Relics Indiegogo support pack and my Dark Age Outcasts arrived on Thursday, with some Vallejo textures too.  There's where the present comes into play.  Here's a quick tutorial on how I am doing my post-apocalyptic bases for my Dark Age minis.

Cheap as all hell floor tile (28 cents / sheet from Home Depot)
1:48 Bricks from Secret Weapon Miniatures
Your choice of putty (I am using miliput superfine white because it was on my desk)
Pebbles (don't be a creeper and take them from a playground as kids are in the sandbox)
Texture paint (Here I used Vallejo Red Oxide Paste, but paint and fine sand or any other brand could work too)

1. Here's your base!

Step 2

I broke the tile up and stacked it with enough room to glue a mini 

Step 3

I used the putty to fill in the bottom and cover the slot.  Don't make it flat, since this is going to represent overgrown earth.  Just make sure to keep the edges clean.  One the of the things I like about miliput is that it is a lot like clay, so water cleans up well.

Step 4
Glue random things into the putty.  I used superglue to make sure it doesn't move.  If you're trying this with GW products, here's the obligatory step to add moar skulls. 

Step 5
 I painted all off the visible putty and un puttied base with the textured paint. Some got on the bricks pebbles, but I just loaded a brush with water and cleaned it up.  Here I also scored, stabbed and filed the floor tiles to make them nice and worn.  I used a sharp knife blade and a triangular file that I found at Princess Auto.

I am going to photo the painting of these bases and do a similar tutorial on using pigments.  

I also have a Retribution glow tutorial in the pipeline.  I am just waiting for a jack to paint and photo along.

Hope you enjoyed this.  If there's anything else people would want to see post a comment!



  1. Nice! "Thumbs up" on the tile idea - probably more durable than sheet cork!

    And Princess Auto rocks! --if you know where to look!