Project Pricing

I can always be contacted through email at:

All prices include: Sand/Static Grass Basing and multiple varnish layers.  Please add 30% to any price should the mini's require assembly.

Prices do not include: Shipping costs, brokerage fees, etc.

25mm base: $15 / mini
40mm base: $25 / mini
Cavalry / Bikes: $30 / mini
Headquarters / Lords / Heroes:  $45 / mini

A special note for Special Characters: I've found that customers want an extra detail for care for these mini's.  Additional pricing may be required and will be determined on a case by case basis.

Vehicles / Monsters
Light Jacks: $40
Heavy Jacks: $50
Most Ground Tanks: $65
Skimmer Tanks: $75
Dreadnoughts / Landspeeders: $50
Monsterous Cavalry / Monsterous Creatures (50 - 60mm base): $55 / mini
Oval Bases (Dreadknight / Tervigon): $100 and up
Collosals: $130 and up
Titans: $200 and up

Payments are due within 2 weeks of a project being finished.  I will send you a Paypal invoice detailing the costs of the project plus the shipping cost through your preferred shipper.
Should payments not be received within 2 weeks, we will assume ownership of the project, and attempt to recoup lost income through whatever means is necessary.


  1. how much would it cost to paint a infinity starter box with assembly and without?

    Contact me at

  2. How much would a squad of 20 40k ork boyz be?

    Can contact me at

  3. Do you supply the minis or just paint what is sent to you? I ask as I am in the states and paying for shipping twice would be inhibative.

  4. Was looking to get some harlequin troupes(6), a solitaire, a voidweaver, and 4 skyweavers painted wanted to know what it would cost...all assembled and primed

    my email is

  5. how much would a forge world primarch cost for you to paint
    contact me at