Sunday, 26 May 2013

Prep for M2E

M2E beta rules are out on Friday!  I am going to use Ramos throughout it, so I painted up my Alt-Ramos and a Soulstone Miner.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Commission - Major Victoria Haley

Hey Folks, 

Here's another piece for the Cygnar army that I am working through.

Playing with Robes

So, I was talking to my buddy Garth about defining aspects of Space Marine chapters and for Dark Angels robes was his primary focus.  Much like Vampires for Blood Angels and Pelts for Space Wolves.

Having an unpainted Dark Angels army living in a closet, I popped open the box and grabbed this librarian to play around with robe colouring and trying out Minitaire with a brush.

What do you think about the robes?  I would call them done aside from an oil wash for more shading.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Complete

Hey There,

This is the first titan and Forgeworld kit that I've done.  Had a blast doing it.  Looking forward to painting something else before starting the next one. :)

Potential schemes for the next one:

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Stormclad - Commission

Hey there,

Here's a Stormclad for the same fellow that had the previous Cygnar done.  And now for some me time painting!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Neck Deep in Warhounds

Hey there readers,

On Friday I was asked to do a pretty awesome set of not so mini mini's: 3 Warhound titans and 1 Reaver Titan.  

Step by step for Reds (all airbrush):
1. Prime black
2. Highlight with Minitaire Coal
3.  Highlight with Minitaire Snow White 
4. Cover everything in Minitaire Ghost Tint: Fresh Blood

Step by Step for Hazard Stripes
1. Prime Black
2. Highlight all with Minitaire Coal
3.  Let dry for a long time then mask off black stripes
4. Base yellow areas in Minitaire Mustard
5. Shade with Minitaire SaddleBrown
6. Highlight with Minitaire Snow White
7. Cover most areas leaving shadows with Minitaire Iradiated Yellow.

Here's where she is at:

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Completed Cygnar Commission

Here's a batch of Cygnar that I just finished for a local player.  From what I know about Cygnar (aside from that they are blue and shoot the hell out of you) the list is:

Stormblade Infantry
1 Stormblade Infantry Weapon Attachment
Stormblade UA

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tau XV104 Riptide - Complete

Thrusters online? Check
Plasma charged? Check
Nova Reactor primed?  Check

This is XV104, ready for launch.  Go!

Tau Riptide WIP pt. 2 - The end is near!

Here's a few more shots of work along the Riptide.

1.  I went through and blacked out everything that I wanted black or metal.  P3 Thamar Black and Vallejo Air Steel were used here. I stippled P3 Morrow White along the edges with blister foam.

2.  Black was highlighted with Minitaire Coal, sept markings in Minitaire Nebula Red.  I had added glows in with Minitaire Ghost Tint: Purple but didn't end up liking how it overtook the mini.  So I went in with Minitaire Saddle Brown and Coal to make burn marks on a lot of the metal an ends of the plasma guns.  The armour recesses / shades were painted with Minitaire Nautilus Blue and P3 Thamar Black at a 80/20 mix ratio.

 3.  I figured with something called a Nova Reactor this thing would have a lot of excess heat being generated (and considering in the fluff the suits are killing their pilots with radiation).  Using Secret Weapon Exhaust Black I went around the metal node things to make it seems like they are burning the suit from the inside out.  I used Secret Weapon Dark Earth on the feet to match the base.

Tonight I am going to finish him off; I need to do the red on the head, make the lenses look like lenses, grasses for the base and possibly something else cool with the plasma gun and sigils / nova intakes

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tau Riptide WIP

Here's two WIP shots of the Riptide that I am doing that may spawn a Tau army.  

Plain basecoat of Minitaire Nautilus Blue.  It turned out to be more greeny blue than I expected, bit I went with it.

I went through 2 stages of airbrush high lighting.  The first colour was Minitaire  Spellsinger Blue, and the second was a warmer grey - Minitaire Desolate Earth.