Thursday, 31 May 2012

Diablo 3 is a time goblin!!!!

So!  It turns out that Diablo 3 steals away entire nights from you.

But!  I reclaimed this evening and am writing this post while giving my compressor a much needed break.  We had a mini-marathon ending in a whole lotta Orcs getting worked on.

Here's the Breakdown:
1 Chariot 90% finished - needs metals picked out, drybrush boar fur, and oil wash.
1 Cannon in the same state as the chariot.
16 Arrer Boyz - clothing based, highlighted.
18 Choppa Boyz - in the same state.

On a personal note, Daniella is almost done, with Janus up after that.  Steve (gaming addict buddy) and I got our EDEN order in.  I went with the I.S.C. and hope to get them built sometime Sunday evening.  I'm not going to start working on them until my Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments arrive.

I've also got my grubby hands into Relics and Bushido, leaping onto their Indiegogo campaigns.  Whenever those minis arrive, expect to see some evil faerie and snake - samurai goodness on these pages.

Later for now!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Finished Pan-O

Hey Folks, 

Here's a quick shot of finished Pan-O for Greg.  Many thanks to him for such awesome mini's to paint and to get more experience with the airbrush and oil washes.

I ended up not entering the Golden Gaunt due to an extremely busy Friday, but cheers to all of the winners!

Here's the project log thus far:

Anima Tactics - Daniella - base coated
Anima Tactics - Janus Faith - metals base coated

Same swag of Orcs - bases done, working on base coats

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Anima Tactics is awesome

Hey Folks, 

So, here's whats been happening this week for painting so far.  Monday went as planned, I was able to build, and prime the 8 Anima Tactics mini's that I have, and I even based them at the same time.  However!  I started working on The Empire - Vayl and was stopped only due to sleep.  The detail on these minis is astounding, and I love the accurate 32mm scale.

Anywho, here's a quick shot of Vayl.  Finished in about 5.5 hours.  I could have finished him faster, but its hotter than all hell in my house and it slows me down and dries out my paint even when using a wet palette!

For those that play Anima, is Vayl decent to start out with?  Who could he be paired up with at 100 levels?  Is Cerberus Division the way to go for 150?  Leave a comment, click and follow this blog or even recommend to your friends!

Thanks for listening


PS: Pan-O is on the plate tomorrow!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Planning

Hats off to a new week!  My real job may require more time in the evenings from me this week, but here is the current plan (FYI, this format of a Monday post is shamelessly stolen from Goatboy over at Full of Monkey)

For Me:
Anima Tactics Empire Box - Build and prime
Aragorn - finish (mostly done)
Demigryphs - finish (mostly done)

For Greg:
1 Pan-O Orc - Mostly done
4 Pan-O Fusiliers - 75% done
1 Pan-O Fusiler hacker - 50% done

For Jon:
Small Orc Army (35 figs) - Do bases and basecoats

Shameless plug for GW Winnipeg - their annual Golden Gaunt contest is happening this weekend, with entries due on Friday.  Paint toys, get them out there!

In the next few days I'll be updating the general format and layout of this blog, trying to add in as much information as possible.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Malifaux - Gremlins

Hey Folks,

Here's a smattering of Gremlins for the latest commission. 
In the list are:
1 Pigapault
3 Stuffed Piglets
2 Mosquito's
Papa Ravage
1 Gremlin Taxidermist

On the plate next:
The Empire
18 Empire Spearmen, 16 Empire handgunners, Cannon & Crew

4 Pan-O Fusiliers, 1 Pan-O Fusilier Hacker, 1 Pan-O Orc

My Own stuff
3 Demigryph Knights
Aragorn from some LOTR boxed Set
GD Limited Fig - Archaon on Foot

Friday, 4 May 2012

LoTR Finished

Hey there, quick post of a fix me up commission for a lord of the rings army.

Starting today, more gremlins for a commission and Demigryphs for me!