Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Anima Tactics is awesome

Hey Folks, 

So, here's whats been happening this week for painting so far.  Monday went as planned, I was able to build, and prime the 8 Anima Tactics mini's that I have, and I even based them at the same time.  However!  I started working on The Empire - Vayl and was stopped only due to sleep.  The detail on these minis is astounding, and I love the accurate 32mm scale.

Anywho, here's a quick shot of Vayl.  Finished in about 5.5 hours.  I could have finished him faster, but its hotter than all hell in my house and it slows me down and dries out my paint even when using a wet palette!

For those that play Anima, is Vayl decent to start out with?  Who could he be paired up with at 100 levels?  Is Cerberus Division the way to go for 150?  Leave a comment, click and follow this blog or even recommend to your friends!

Thanks for listening


PS: Pan-O is on the plate tomorrow!

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