Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Planning

Hats off to a new week!  My real job may require more time in the evenings from me this week, but here is the current plan (FYI, this format of a Monday post is shamelessly stolen from Goatboy over at Full of Monkey)

For Me:
Anima Tactics Empire Box - Build and prime
Aragorn - finish (mostly done)
Demigryphs - finish (mostly done)

For Greg:
1 Pan-O Orc - Mostly done
4 Pan-O Fusiliers - 75% done
1 Pan-O Fusiler hacker - 50% done

For Jon:
Small Orc Army (35 figs) - Do bases and basecoats

Shameless plug for GW Winnipeg - their annual Golden Gaunt contest is happening this weekend, with entries due on Friday.  Paint toys, get them out there!

In the next few days I'll be updating the general format and layout of this blog, trying to add in as much information as possible.

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