Thursday, 31 May 2012

Diablo 3 is a time goblin!!!!

So!  It turns out that Diablo 3 steals away entire nights from you.

But!  I reclaimed this evening and am writing this post while giving my compressor a much needed break.  We had a mini-marathon ending in a whole lotta Orcs getting worked on.

Here's the Breakdown:
1 Chariot 90% finished - needs metals picked out, drybrush boar fur, and oil wash.
1 Cannon in the same state as the chariot.
16 Arrer Boyz - clothing based, highlighted.
18 Choppa Boyz - in the same state.

On a personal note, Daniella is almost done, with Janus up after that.  Steve (gaming addict buddy) and I got our EDEN order in.  I went with the I.S.C. and hope to get them built sometime Sunday evening.  I'm not going to start working on them until my Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments arrive.

I've also got my grubby hands into Relics and Bushido, leaping onto their Indiegogo campaigns.  Whenever those minis arrive, expect to see some evil faerie and snake - samurai goodness on these pages.

Later for now!

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