Thursday, 28 June 2012

All the other kids with pumped up kicks

Hola web-amigo's,

Progress this week so far:

Pan-O Complete!

1 big pigs and some gremlins (based)
8 Warriors Built of 24
1 Hellcannon still is pieces.

And for the pics:

Monday, 25 June 2012

I backed my car into a copcar the other day

Hey there.

Been too long since a post.  Still hobby stuff happening, just find of boring.  I've built 20 chaos warhounds, 5 more Tzeentch Knights, 24 Nurgle Warriors and a Hellcannon.  Much more excitingly, I converted 6 Chaos ogres from Beastmen Minotaurs.  Here's the command for the group:

So they've been a blast to build.  I've also finished a commission for Jordan, a Paladin of the Order of the Wall and a 7 Nurgle Plaguebearers  :

This weeks plan is:

Greg (armour is already done)
2 Pan-O Orcs (sexy robot chicks!) 
1 Fusilier Sniper

24 Sword and Shield Tzeentch Warriors (build)
1 Hellcannon (build)

There's a whole bunch of partying this weekend, so I'll get as much as I can done this week.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's the Cruelty that you Lack

Start for my Warriors of Chaos.  Jordan traded me a fair bit of well worn mini's for a few paint jobs.  I'll end up using 12 warrior bodies that I had bitz leftover to make 12 Khorne warriors, 20 Marauders that I cannabilized Marauder Horsemen bitz for, the Tzeentch Disc lord that will be a Tzeentch BSB and and sorcerer to be an unmarked Lvl. 2.

Here's a pic of it all including a box of knights that I picked up as well as the aforementioned Marauder Horsemen.

And here is the 1000 point list based on what I have built.

12 Chaos Warriors; MoK, 2 HW, Full Command – 297
20 Marauders; Shields, MoT, Full Command – 140
5 Marauder Horsemen; Flails, Shields, Full Command – 110
5 Chaos Knights; MoT, Full Command – 270
Lvl.2 Sorcerer; MoT, Infernal Puppet, Enchanted Shield – 175

Let me know what you think! 


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

EDEN, MERCS, WoC and a Table

Hey Folks, 

More of a collection of various things here.  I've got most of Jon's Orc's done now.  Just finishing up the Arrer boyz for the weekend.  Pic's will be uploaded of the final project.

Greg loved the Infinity and I'll have the pleasure to paint up a few more Pan-O for him in the same style.

I've gone a bot stir crazy with Skirmish games.  I haven't finished Daniella for my Empire list yet, but I have built forces for EDEN and MERCS.  No pics for MERCS yet since they are just grey, but here's the EDEN I.S.C. robots with some colours laid down on them.  Pic's just with my iPhone, but I will have proper ones once they are finished.

On top of that I've jumped back into Warhammer Fantasy and will be making my first army since Bretonnia was released back in 6th edition.  I've only built and primed 5 Marauder Horsemen (after which I was told they are terrible).  

But, here's what I have coming in the next few weeks and plan to have done for this army:


24 Warriors of Chaos - HW/S (Tzeentch)
24 Warriors of Chaos - Halberd/s (Khorne)
40 Marauders - Flails (not sure what to mark these dudes as)
10 Knights Of Chaos (Tzeentch)
6 Chaos Ogres - GW (not sure what to mark these dudes as) (convertd from Minotaurs)
15 Chaos Warhounds
1 Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord on foot
1 Sorcerer Lord on foot

Plan to Purchase
Khorne Lord on Juggernaught
Tzeentch Lord on Disc
5 More Knights for conversions of Characters
2 Hellcannons
3-6 River Trolls to turn into Chaos Trolls
More Warriors / Marauders

Built / Primed / Ready to work on
5 Marauder Horsemen
1 LE Barbarian from CMON to act as an exalted hero.

Steve mentioned that he wanted me to post a pic of a 2x2 table that we'll be using for EDEN, so here's that WIP too.

Thats all for now!  Thanks for reading.  If you are looking to get some mini's painted, drop me a line.