Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's the Cruelty that you Lack

Start for my Warriors of Chaos.  Jordan traded me a fair bit of well worn mini's for a few paint jobs.  I'll end up using 12 warrior bodies that I had bitz leftover to make 12 Khorne warriors, 20 Marauders that I cannabilized Marauder Horsemen bitz for, the Tzeentch Disc lord that will be a Tzeentch BSB and and sorcerer to be an unmarked Lvl. 2.

Here's a pic of it all including a box of knights that I picked up as well as the aforementioned Marauder Horsemen.

And here is the 1000 point list based on what I have built.

12 Chaos Warriors; MoK, 2 HW, Full Command – 297
20 Marauders; Shields, MoT, Full Command – 140
5 Marauder Horsemen; Flails, Shields, Full Command – 110
5 Chaos Knights; MoT, Full Command – 270
Lvl.2 Sorcerer; MoT, Infernal Puppet, Enchanted Shield – 175

Let me know what you think! 


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