Monday, 30 April 2012

Two Updates!

Here's two things to look at...

First is my own Throne of Everblight.  It's been chomping down at Maxx Collectibles for the past few sundays.  She's almost done, then its just finishing the sorceress and pinning her atop this fleshy tower.

The second was a commission that Jordan had me do at the same time as the Teddies.  Here's a bunch of Bayou Gremlins and Mosquito's.  While the camera is better (yay) my lamps and light box are still ghetto (booo).  This was the first time someone asked me to just touch-up and base already painted mini's.  It was weird fixing someone else's work, but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Between commissions I'll be working on Golden Gaunt (Winnipeg's mini GD) entries for the end of May.  I am looking to enter 6 categories: WHFB single and large, 40k single and large, unit and LOTR single.  This is pretty monumentous as I started this blog last year to track work and improvements over the years.

Anywho, thanks for listening, and drop a line if you want some work done :)


Friday, 27 April 2012

Retribution of Scyrah - Pheonix

So, I had a pretty big space marine commission that I totally forgot to take pics of.  Thanks to Jordan for the opportunity to paint some very pink Blood Angels!

This Phoenix was in poor shape for about a year, with blotches of white, turquoise and metal all over it.  I gave it some TLC, and hopefully its above table top quality now.  I also have a Manticore, Gorgon and Chimera that are in process of being corrected.  Once they are ready, I'll work on the two casters that I love the fluff for: Adeptis Rahn and Lord Arcanist Ossyan.

I am also working through my first battle engine, a Throne of Everblight.  Hopefully I'll get some pics of it up tonight.

Also finished some Malifaux Alp's for Jordan, and am in process of cleaning up his So'mer's Teeth crew.

Side note: this is the first mini shot taken with my new DSLR.  Now I need some proper Ottlights and I'll be good to go!