Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hobby ADD

I am hopping back and forth between a lot of different projects...does that happen to anyone out there?

Tonight I basecoated a Dark Angels master, a Wolf Priest of Ulrik and a Dark Eldar Venom.

I was about to start building an Eldar Falcon I've had sitting in a box since eldar got redone in 4th....

Oh! Some work on my Agonizer Archon and Urien Rakarth too.

Pics coming tomorrow after a Costco run.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Progress, but no pics

Getting more work done, but too tired right now to take pics.

Here's the run down:
1 GK Librarian all done aside from the scrollwork and face

4 GK Strike with Psycannons needing a bit of red cleaned up but done otherwise.

Anyssa Ryvaal built and based.
3 Raptors built but needing putty work.

Space Hulk Termies Primed and basecoated in Red.

2003 GD Wolf Priest 70% done.

Got a 2000 point game tomorrow against either Blood Angels or Dark Angels.  Bringing the Grey Knights against him.  Will post pics of the match after the game.

Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Time to Stop Slacking

Finished this week so far:
 1 Carnivean:

Grand Master Absalom

And an oldie that has seen better days: