Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Neck Deep in Warhounds

Hey there readers,

On Friday I was asked to do a pretty awesome set of not so mini mini's: 3 Warhound titans and 1 Reaver Titan.  

Step by step for Reds (all airbrush):
1. Prime black
2. Highlight with Minitaire Coal
3.  Highlight with Minitaire Snow White 
4. Cover everything in Minitaire Ghost Tint: Fresh Blood

Step by Step for Hazard Stripes
1. Prime Black
2. Highlight all with Minitaire Coal
3.  Let dry for a long time then mask off black stripes
4. Base yellow areas in Minitaire Mustard
5. Shade with Minitaire SaddleBrown
6. Highlight with Minitaire Snow White
7. Cover most areas leaving shadows with Minitaire Iradiated Yellow.

Here's where she is at:

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