Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tau Riptide WIP pt. 2 - The end is near!

Here's a few more shots of work along the Riptide.

1.  I went through and blacked out everything that I wanted black or metal.  P3 Thamar Black and Vallejo Air Steel were used here. I stippled P3 Morrow White along the edges with blister foam.

2.  Black was highlighted with Minitaire Coal, sept markings in Minitaire Nebula Red.  I had added glows in with Minitaire Ghost Tint: Purple but didn't end up liking how it overtook the mini.  So I went in with Minitaire Saddle Brown and Coal to make burn marks on a lot of the metal an ends of the plasma guns.  The armour recesses / shades were painted with Minitaire Nautilus Blue and P3 Thamar Black at a 80/20 mix ratio.

 3.  I figured with something called a Nova Reactor this thing would have a lot of excess heat being generated (and considering in the fluff the suits are killing their pilots with radiation).  Using Secret Weapon Exhaust Black I went around the metal node things to make it seems like they are burning the suit from the inside out.  I used Secret Weapon Dark Earth on the feet to match the base.

Tonight I am going to finish him off; I need to do the red on the head, make the lenses look like lenses, grasses for the base and possibly something else cool with the plasma gun and sigils / nova intakes

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