Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tutorial: Painting Post-Apocalyptic Bases

Hey There Folks, 

Here's the second half of the basing tutorial from yesterday.

Here's what I used for painting these bases:

Vallejo Air Grey Primer
Vallejo Air US Dark Green
Vallejo Air Barley Grey
Vallejo Air Sand
Stone Wash
P3 Trollblood Highlight
P3 Gun Corps Brown
P3 Thamar Black
Secret Weapon Pigments: Red Brick

1. Airbrushing!
I just find that it saves time.  about 10 minutes overall for all 8 bases that I painted while doing this tutorial.  
I primed it grey, then gave it a solid coat of dark green, dusting areas with Barley Grey and Sand afterwards. 

I love the translucency of using an airbrush, as I wanted to see some of that green through it.

2.  Wash!
I gave it a liberal coat of Stone wash.  No pic because I did this step late last night!!!!

3. Drybrush!
Using a nice wide brush I went around the edges of the concrete with Trollblood Highlight.  Move the brush from the outside to the inner part of the tops of the concrete

4. Paint the Dirt!
I painted the dirt with Gun Corps Brown. You can be a little loose with the paint here, because we will transition the dirt / dust in the next step.

5. Pigments!
I brushed Red Brick on top of all the areas that were brown, blowing off the excess pigments.  A few brushstrokes on the top for blowing dirt and then you're set.

6.Black edges and Varnish!
I went around the edges of the bases with Thamar Black.
Always seal your minis!!!! But it's especially important when using oil paints and pigments.  Oil's never really dry, and pigments can be rubbed off.

Here's the finished set:


  1. Really dig this. Do you do a lot of airbrushing or have any airbrush tutorials? I've got a little compressor and I've been thinking of using an air brush a bit more.

    1. Hey Jet,
      I use my airbrush on just about everything for one step or another.

      I'm just starting to post tutorials. I may dabble in video soon, but for now it's play by plays like this.

      Are there anything specific you want to see with airbrushing?