Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekend Fun and Weekly Goals

Hey There Folks,

A lot of random building and good gaming happened this weekend.

On the building front I built, primed and basecoated Dark Age Outcasts.  Here's a quick WIP shot of them:
I also built all of the Relics Vaettir I got on Friday.  I disn't take any pics since they are just bare metal with textured paste on the bases.

I went two for two with Rhyas (2 Scythean, Throne, Max Swordsmen w/UA, Succubus and Shepherd) on Sunday against a Khador list (Harkevich, Conquest, Black Ivan, Destroyer and min Mechanics) and a Denny2 list (a bunch of pirates and small jacks).

Lost against Garth's Stormravens (I killed the rest of his army by Turn 4) with my Dark Eldar in Turn 7 playing Big Guns Never Tire.  I think that I am going to have to add more flyers to deal with the chance of facing them.  I am going to post potential list changes tomorrow.  I know that the FAQ's in September may change some elements like huskblades and the impending Voidraven release may change my mind too...

This Week I plan to:
Finish 4 haqqislam mini's for demo games at LegioCon
Finish a small display board for the above mini's and the opposing Yu Jing (there will be a tutorial on this as well.)

If these wrap up today, I'll move into Malifaux for some Dead Heat action this Sunday at Maxx Collectibles.

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