Monday, 20 August 2012

A wild Hypnos appears! (tutorial after the pic)

Hey Folks, 

No Outcasts, but I finished Hypnos today.  Mage Hunter Strike Force with Commander are up next!

So, people had asked how I do my glow effects, and I neglected to take photos while doing Hypnos here.  Here are my steps for a glow effect though, and this takes place after all the white and metals are painted / washed.

1.  Put a gloss coat of varnish on the mini.  I airbrush it on with 3 thin layers.
2.  Mix up an oil wash.  Here I use Windsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour 43 Viridian Hue.  The mix is made with a bit of oil paint and Mineral Spirits.  Look at the consistency of GW washes and try to match it to that.  It takes a few tries, but if you screw up, don't worry. You can fix it.
3.  Paint the oil wash into wherever you want the glow to be.  It's ok to be messy.
4.  Let it dry over night.  I use a blowdryer to speed it up.
5.  Take a cotton swab / Q-Tip and get the end wet with Mineral Spirits.  This will reactivate the oil paint we put on it for clean up.
6.  Use the cotton bud to clean up any areas that you didn't want the glow to be.
7.  Let dry again.  I use a blowdryer here to speed it up.
8.  Toss on a few thin coats of Matte or Satin varnish, to you liking.  I use weathering pigments after this step, so Matte varnish would be a bit better.

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  1. Very nice! I definitely need to try that out! Have you ever tried to repeat that procedure with a bit of white oil paint added to the first turquoise "wash" in order to create jighting effects where the glowig lines intersect?

  2. Hey Kai,

    I sure did on my Chimera's and Pheonixes!