Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend Fun and new Weekly Project

Hey Folks, 

So, I determined that weekends is where I'll build or paint things that have no bearing on what I actually want to get done.  

On Saturday I built:
5 Chaos Terminators
5 Chaos Raptors (old 2nd ed ones that I can't wait to paint)
5 Chaos Marines to fill out an existing 5 man squad
5 Robed Dark Angels to fill out an existing squad
Various Dark Elf Cold ones

I tried to get a Warmachine game in with the Retribution that I painted this last week, but it was packed and I bailed after waiting for 2 hours.  By the way, how the hell does a 15 point game last 2 hours?

New Weekly Project: Warriors of Chaos
I may be overstretching myself, but the plan is:
1. 24 Nurgle Warriors with Halberds and Shields
2. 20 Warhounds
3. 24 Tzeentch Warriors with Swords and Shields.

Everything is built and based, it's all about slapping down paint now!


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