Monday, 23 July 2012

MERCS - Keizai Waza

Hey Folks, 

Here's an update of something that I finsihed last week.  I picked up a MERCS box on a whim and am I ever glad I did.  It's a super fun game using cards for movement and a bunch of d10's.  The awesome part is that you get every mini you need in one box!

I feel like I rushed these guys, but I really just wanted them out of the way so that I can paint other things.  Plus this way I can say I have another fully painted game system to play. :)

For this week, I figured that I'd list 6 projects that I am working on and roll a die to figure out what's on the plate.  Here's the list:

1. Warriors of Chaos
2. Necrons
3. Legion of Everblight
4. Retribution of Scyrah
5. Infinity - Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial
6. Anima Tactics - Empire

.......and I got a 4!  So, this is what I got for myself in this order to work on:

Finish Painting
1 Manticore
1 Gorgon
1 Chimera

Start Painting
10 Dawngaurd Invictors with UA.

I am checking out Dark Knight Rises tonight, but have tomorrow night open to ideally hammer out the 3 'jacks.  Then I'll get to work on those 'casters.

Side note: my commission queue is slowing down right now, so if you are looking to get some mini's done drop me a line!  Get in while the getting is good!

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