Friday, 13 December 2013

Nomads Iguana Step by Step part 1

Hey there, 

Started working on a bunch of Infinity goodness for Miniwargaming.  I'll be doing 2 step my steps on how I am painting the TAG's.  First up is the Nomads Iguana.  

1. Prime the mini in Base Grey from Minitaire
2. Paint the everything that you want red Vallejo Air Hull Red.  The idea here is that I wanted a deep colour to act as a base for both shadows and highlights.

3. Paint the shadowed areas with a 1:1 mix of Hull Red and Minitaire Coal.  Pure black for shadows sucks, IMO, so I wanted to use some of the base colour here.  I may not have used the Coal the next time I paint this model.  There's merit to adding in other colours instead, like dark greens or purples.  It makes a more visually fun mini.  

4. First Highlight of Vallejo Air Flame Red.  This was done with an airbrush at a downward angle (45 degrees ish) to capture a lighter area there light is naturally hitting.  This mini is also going to be meant for filming, so MWG's viewers should be able to some cool stuff with it.

5. Second Highlight of 3:1 Flame Red to Squid Pink.  Ok. There's a 2 things going on in this step.  I took White first and sprayed it on areas that I wanted to be this new colour mix.  Red is stupid translucent, so I wanted a brighter colour to "show through."  The second thing is that Pink is a weird colour to highlight red with.  It was an attempt to match whatever Angel Giraldez did for the box art.  I ended up not liking it too much.

6. Third Highlight of 3:1 Italian Red to Squid Pink. Same deal as step 5 with the white then colour.  Italian red is much more vibrant of a red, so there's a colour shift here.

7.  I also matte'd him after this step to make sure the progress was saved, but the effing varnish clouded on me.  So now he's glossed and I'm not touching him again until tomorrow.  tomorrow will be Blacks, Whites and Metallic.  Maybe additional pigment work :P

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