Sunday, 15 December 2013

Nomads Iguana Step by Step Part 2

1. Everything that is going to be silver is painted VMC Black.  I just prefer this ranges black to the other blacks that are out there.  Everything this is supposed to be black is painted VMC German Grey.

2. I paint the metallic areas with P3 Pig Iron

3. The metal areas and the German Grey are washed with P3 Armor Wash. 

4.  The white is painted in VMC Silver Grey.  As are any areas that will have a lightsource coming from it.

5. The metal areas with a light drybrush of VAC Steel 

6. The white areas get another coat of CIT Ceramite White. The glow is Hawk Turqoise thinned down through the Airbrush.  The base is painted VAC Rust with VMC Black on the rim.

7. Pigments are used for shading all about the model.  I use Secret Weapon's stuff.  The colours are Violet and Black.  The violet was for some shading on the reds and middle shadows.  The black was more for the metals but also the deepest shadows of the Red.  Black also shaded some of the white areas.  The base used Black and Rust Red mixed with water then slopped about. 

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