Friday, 21 December 2012

Judicator Complete

Here she is in all of her glory.

Learning points from this:
1. 2 brush blending is an awesome alternative to airbrush gradients.  I need to try this out more.
2.  I have troubles using the aforementioned technique with metallics.  Either I need to practice more, or stick to airbrushed metallics.
3.  I really prefer using oil washes and pigments for shading than washes.  
4.  I don't use drybrushing often and found that using this technique on the gold trim made gold flakes stick to the rest of the mini.

This is the second collosal that I've painted and I love the quality that Privateer Press is putting out in these kits.  I am looking forward to doing my own Hyperion, Archangels and Mammoth in future 2013 projects.  


  1. Cody,

    Would you mind sharing your recipe for your menoth scheme. Judi and your Creoss3 look fantastic

  2. Hey Alex! my recipe for menoth is right out of the Forces of book, aside from using an airbrush for the larger areas and two brush blending for the smaller areas.
    Prime Grey
    White: Menoth White Base, Menoth White Highlight, Cryx Bane Highlight, Bastion Grey (only if I need a deeper shadow)

    Red: Sanguine Base, Sanguine Highlight, Sanguine Shade (2 Sanguine Base + 1 Coal Black + 1 Insignia Blue)