Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hey Folks, 

Bit of a pre-amble sorting my thoughts. When I start collecting armies for other game systems, I lay out a specific list that I want to play and build to that list. However, for whatever reason I haven't been able to focus myself like that for Privateer Press games. For example. my Legion force has swelled into an eclectic collection of mini's that I slap together into a coherent force. I like to be more organized than this, so I am going to start off the new year with faction specific projects for two 50 point army lists. Here`s the lists! Follow along for the fun! (and I know I am getting a head start on the first project :P)

List 1
Vessel of Judgement
Daughters of the Flame
Temple Flame Guard + UA (min in the list, but will paint max)
Choir (min in the list, will paint max)
1 Mechanik
1 Vassal
3 Wracks

List 2
Kreoss3 (Tier 4)
Fire of Salvation
5 Vengers
5 Vengers
10 Errants with UA
Min Choir
1 Vassal
3 Wracks

Here's the WIP thus far:

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