Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jimcon Over!

Here's a couple of linear obstacles I did over the weekend

Plenty of fun had this weekend at Jimcon.  Played the Retribution for one game, and got my first win with them!  Rahn successfully tanked pDenny, who then feated and force hammered her to death.  It wasn't quite the list I wanted to play, but it worked out well.

This week I am going to change gears and focus on painting more Retribution.  I would love to get this list done:
1. 4 Stormfalls
2. 10 Sentinels
3. 1 Arcanist
4. pVyros

Everything is built and on their bases, so it's a feasible goal.  I'll check back in once the first one of them is done.  If I can get these done, I'll look at expanding out the Retribution a bit more.  

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