Saturday, 22 September 2012

No More Purchases!

No models here, but a vow.  I am not buying another miniature in 2012.  With all of the awesome Kickstarters, Indiegogos, new editions, and new releases this year I am completely tapped out.

Instead, I aim on painting my living ass off for the remainder of the year.  

Here's some rough goals that I am going to have done:

1.  No more half finished 40k armies (Necrons, Dark Eldar and Grey Knights)
2.  Proper demo forces for Warmahordes (units for WM and full sets for Hordes)
3.  Finish my Everblight and Scyrah!
4.  Paint the Dark Vengeance Set.
5. Paint my old 3rd ed Emporer's Children / Black Legion army and 4th ed Dark Angels
6. Finish my Anima tactics / malifaux / dark age forces

I am in Toronto on business for the until Friday, but I will have a better project plan once I am back.


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